Friday, December 2, 2011

First Friday tonight honoring late-night dance

Like last year, we will not be showing new art this December as we make room on our walls for the holiday season BUT we are open late for First Friday (6-8pm) with a celebration of late-night dance with Robert Tyree, one night before his All-Night Dance.

This will be the book release for Intensive Dance, a small text about dance in late-night contexts, written over the course of several years by Robert Tyree and produced as a love affair of dance and design in collaboration with Julie Bach and Avalon Kalin. 30 copies printed and hand bound at the IPRC. 
We will also be screening excerpts of Check Your Body at the Door, a documentary on American underground dance forms. It's wacky. It's 90's. It portrays sublime house/vogue/loft dancers in NYC.

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