Monday, December 26, 2011

We are so excited to announce our new WEBSITE and our new BLOG. Thank you Jonny Fuller, Kristina Mueller, and Michael Bunsen for making this happen. Everyone updates their bookmarks now. XO

Friday, December 23, 2011

Thanks, MOD!

"Nationale has  truly exponentially surpassed the expectations of your average shop.  What began as a way for native Frenchwoman May Juliette Barruel to share  the little things she missed from home—soaps, candies, those weird  little pieces of paper that smell nice when you burn them—has blossomed  into a hub for visual and performance art, hard-to-find, and/or highly  curated literature and music, tasteful independent design, plus all the  delightful imports that stoked our Francophilic urges in the first  place." Read more HERE...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

No shipping during the holidays

It might be a different story if Ryan were here to help, but alas... We'll be back at the post office in January.

Last minute shopping Friday til 8pm

Come by this Friday 12/23 from 6pm-8pm as we join our 811 neighbors and stay open late. The good people at Addy’s Sandwich Bar will be bringing us treats to celebrate our anniversary with last minute Christmas shoppers.
Thank you, Addy!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It's true, Nationale opened its doors three years ago today in the midst of a gigantic winter blizzard. We feel like celebrating... So save the date for our anniversary mini-festival on Wednesday, January 25th at Holocene:

Scout Niblett, Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner, and Tom Greenwood... with intermission fun from DJ Hostile Tapeover, Alicia McDaid, DJ Sleep Less & a Free Advice™ booth (with Jenn Armbrust) for what we think will be a great representation of the events we've been presenting these past three years.

Meanwhile, come by this Friday 12/23 from 6pm-8pm as we join our 811 neighbors Redux, Stand Up Comedy, Haunt, Sword & Fern, and Frocky Jack Morgan and stay open late. The good people at Addy's Sandwich Bar will be bringing us treats to celebrate our anniversary with last minute Christmas shoppers.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vincent Moon's An Island, now at Nationale

Vincent Moon's An Island now available at Nationale (limited edition deluxe DVD, printed in Portland by Stumptown Printers, $40). You may recognize the dear Heather Woods Broderick, who used to live and play music here in Portland. A big thank you to Malo, Mathieu, and Rasmus for working hard so we could carry these! And to Norm, who introduced me to Moon's La Blogothèque years ago. You always know first, Norm!

DEUX is here

A collaboration between OLO and Nice Work, DEUX is a room spray specially formulated for the loo. With notes of cedar and pine (100% natural, essential oils & distilled water, $30). 
"If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a smell?"

Friday, December 16, 2011



French food, oui oui

Haribo candy (including fraise tagada), $1
Milka chocolate bar (including with hazelnuts), $3.50
Bonne Maman chesnut jam, $7.50
Benedicta mayonnaise in a tube, $4
Suchard rocher noir, $2.50
Stimorol gum, $2
Lajaunie cachous, $4

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

From our Merchant in Residence

Midori Hirose with her installation

Cedar sachets ($4).

Hirose commissioned Grant McGavin to make these amazing cutting boards for her selection (black walnut, $55-$70).

Hirose's sculpture, C SQ I

Baker's twine spools ($6), mistletoe ($1), mixed CDs.

Hirose's sculptures, Wad II & Wad III

Free Spirit ($10) + Butt Face ($6).

Selected books + cedar sachets

So beautiful in the shop today

French candy, perfect stocking stuffers ($0.50-$4) + Papier d'Armenie booklets ($7).

Marseille soap, olive, palm, and with crushed local (of Provence) flowers ($8-$14).

MCMC's Dude No. 1 Beard Oil ($65).

plainMADE scarves ($30-$100)

Lunar calendars ($16), Annie Leibovitz & Alexander McQueen artbooks ($45/50).

Stamp sets from Yellow Owl Workshop: Paris, Mistletoe, & Rainy Days ($12).

Denver and Jackie-O-Motherfucker CDs ($12), Glitterheart Badlands Eggs ($5).

OLO Fragrances' hand-blended scents, hair tonic, air spray, and limited edition glass bottle by Andy Paiko ($30-$275).

French apothecary and some food, too: Guerande salt, herbes de Provence, Harissa, etc ($4-8).

Papier d'Armenie candles, rose and original ($36).

Liam Drain ceramics ($15/25).

Savon de Marseille liquid soap and hand cream ($15/16).

Fleet jewelry ($40/60), Gretchen Vaudt mugs ($22), Luc Tuymans artbook ($69.95).

Klorane dry shampoo ($18), Elmex toothpaste ($10), Amilab lipbalm ($8).

This book is completely amazing: MASKE!!!! ($45), and Zadie Smith's On Beauty was my favorite novel read this year ($15).

Old time fave: Sophie Calle artbook ($79) + Hounstooth EPs ($7), Plazm mag ($10), Gretch Vaudt pinch bowls ($26-36).

Gretchen Vaudt ceramic ornaments ($6-$12).

Yellow Owl Workshop and Grain Design greeting cards ($4-$16).

Nuxe beauty line ($9.50-$44), Glitterheart Badlands Eggs ($5).

Jess Hirsch rope sculpture ($50), plainMADE knits ($30-$100).


Thursday, December 8, 2011

MIR003: Midori Hirose Friday December 9th

We invited the ever surprising and always talented Midori Hirose to be our Merchant in Residence this December. Please join us as she unveils her selection Friday December 9th from 6-8pm. This will kick off our Ho Ho Ho spirit, as we've transformed Nationale into a magic little land for the holiday season.

From our MIR "director", Ty Ennis: "The idea being Merchants in Residence is that we invite artists to showcase and sell items, in the shop side of the gallery, which they find inspirational in their everyday lives and studio practice. It's a sort of show-and-tell meets self portrait; an introduction to the space and artists for some, and an intimate glimpse at a hero for others. It could also be seen as a "so-and-so recommends." 

Image © Midori Hirose

New Carson Ellis prints in

She said it all.
We have a few limited edition prints from Carson Ellis for those of you in Portland. If out of town, you can get one directly through Carson's webshop.

Giclee Print (archival inkjet) on thick archival rag paper.
Signed and numbered by the artist, limited edition of 50.
12" x 12".

New arrivals, plainMADE knits

So many new knits from plainMADE this holiday season. With fun color combinations and the softest yarns, Chelsea Heffner wins our heart over and over again. Come on down and support this amazing local talent ($30-100).


Houndstooth's first EP is here ($7). With beautiful cover art by band member John Gnorski, it is a must have this holiday season. Read the already raving reviews on their site...

Leisure Nomad & more from OLO Fragrances

One of the prettiest scent I've ever encountered... Leisure Nomad is available at Nationale until it disappears forever. And don't let it deceive you, its true nature comes through after about twenty minutes of putting it on, so come on down to sample it.
Ingredients:  Fire Tree, Orange, Flowers, Wood (9ml/$45).
"I was right, I love fire tree so hard! It is sweet like juice, warm like wood. It smells like eating fruit in the front yard on a warm summer night. I got the idea to try it with my latest version of Leisure Nomad. It was exactly what I wanted. What seemed like a million versions (exaggeration) later I finally had it!....  It's still a road trip perfume but I'm not sure where it goes. You still hop in the car and roll the windows down. Oranges roll around in the front seat, music blasting. You've got nowhere in particular to be so you just keep driving...all the way to Australia.
Heather Sielaff from OLO 

We will also be carrying OLO's limited edition bottles, in collaboration with Andy Paiko throughout the holidays.
Includes:  1 oz fragrance by OLO, glass bottle by Andy Paiko, wood box by Jason Rens of Su pe rm ak er ($275).
"I was going to release them with a new perfume but changed my mind. Scent is such a personal thing I wanted customers to have a choice. I decided to just sell the custom bottle with the option to select any 9ml bottle of OLO to go with it. Also, this is a piece of art, it's not mobile. It cannot be transported easily so the perfume comes separately, to be poured into the bottle when you get home. And home it shall stay!
Portland glass artist Andy Paiko did an amazing job with these. He's been an acquaintance for a couple of years and I've always admired his work. I've been waiting for the opportunity to commission a piece from him and I've finally gotten the chance. He was able to create what I feel like is a perfect representation of my line, taking something very traditional and pushing the boundaries. Andy has an amazing balance of technical skill and imagination. I am so thrilled to have had the chance to work with him.
When I started OLO, I purposely made the packaging minimal so the perfume stayed affordable. I wanted the focus to be the fragrance. These bottles are a bit of a splurge for me and probably for customers too. This was about making the bottle I've always wanted but would never purchase for myself. It is kind of a gift to myself for working so hard this year!"
Heather Sielaff from OLO

Tonight at the Ace's Cleaners

Tonight at the Cleaners, the amazing Fuchsia Lin is presenting her final project for Fantasy, Folkore and Freshwater. She performed in front of Nationale this summer when the work was still in progress. Not to be missed...

Complete exhibition of 2011 RACC Grant Project about the element of Water from 7-10 PM.
At 8:00 PM, will be the presentation of the screening of the short film, The River Flows to the Melody of the Dragon starring Mia Tagano, followed by costume performance with Nikima Jagadujev.
The exhibition will include four water dragon sculptural costumes in an installation, plus photographs of the costumes in performance-including filmmaker, Orland Nutt, as a Water Dragon!